Brief Introduction of Serrated Carbide Buttons

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Brief Introduction of Serrated Carbide Buttons


With the rapid development of high technology, the mining, gas, and oil industry increasingly developed. As practical mining tools, tungsten carbide buttons also are widely used. Tungsten carbide buttons have many shapes, including ball buttons, parabolic buttons, wedge buttons, octangle buttons, and serrated buttons. In this article, you can get a brief introduction to tungsten carbide serrated buttons.


1. Brief introduction of serrated buttons

Tungsten carbide serrated buttons are produced with high-purity tungsten carbide powder, which occupies more than 95% of the raw materials, and other metal indicators. Serrated carbide buttons are made by isostatic pressing with uniform density and constant teeth. The sintering using an overpressure sintering furnace increases the wear resistance of the final tungsten carbide serrated buttons by 24%. After precision grinding by a centerless grinder, the size of serrated carbide buttons is accurate, the welding is strong, and the teeth remain. Unlike ball buttons, parabolic buttons, and wedge buttons, serrated buttons always have a flat head.


2. Application of serrated buttons

Tungsten carbide flat top serrated buttons for mining are pressed into drills as a part of the drill bits. Tungsten carbide serrated buttons can be used for armature, LED leader frame, silicon steel sheet, and punching mold for hardware and standard parts. Tungsten carbide serrated buttons are applied on heat-resistant parts, wear resistance parts, anti-shielding parts, and anti-corrosion parts. And they can also be applied for making progressive press tools, progressive dies of high-velocity ram machines, connectors in the electron industry, IC industry, and semiconductors. They can also be used to reduce wear on rubbing surfaces found in roller cone drill bits, diamond bits, down-the-hole stabilizers, and numerous other applications. Generally speaking, YG8 is the common grade of tungsten carbide serrated buttons.


3. Properties of serrated buttons

Tungsten carbide serrated buttons have high-temperature resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance, high bending strength, excellent wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, high hardness, and superior chemical inertness, and they are lightweight. Tungsten carbide serrated buttons in different grades have different properties. Serrated YG12C tungsten carbide flat top button mining buttons have high hardness, good transverse rupture strength, corrosion resistance, and are resistant to acid and alkali so that they can serve for a long time.


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