The Development History of Cemented Carbide Button

2022-06-07 Share

The Development History of Cemented Carbide Button


The tungsten carbide button is a rock drilling tool developed with the development of hydraulic rock drills. It has the advantages of high working efficiency, fast drilling speed, saving auxiliary time, etc., and is suitable for rapid excavation of high-power rock drills. When drilling brittle rock, a high-power hydraulic rock drill is used, and its biggest feature is that the drilling speed is fast and stable, and the regrinding cycle of the drill bit is long.


Since the 1970s, the mainstream research and development has been with carbide button drill bits as the main product, and the sales of various ball-tooth drill bits account for 60% to 70% of the total output of drill bits. In 1968, Sandvik developed a series of large, medium, and diameter button drill bits for percussive rock drilling and recommended them as an "ideal drilling tool for hydraulic rock drills." In future years, the proportion of button bits will be higher.


Since the 1980s, China has begun to attach importance to the research and development of button drill bits, and the number of manufacturers producing button drill bits has been increasing. Since the 1990s, China's button drill bits have developed greatly in quantity and quality, and the export volume has increased year by year.  Manufacturers such as Lianhuashan, Chengtan, Changsha Mining Institute, Changjiang, Shaodong, and many other large-scale, high-quality button drill bit manufacturers have merged. Among them, the button drill bits produced by Lianhuashan occupy a large proportion of the export drill tools.


High-quality cemented carbide, high-precision processing equipment, reasonable processing technology, and heat treatment technology are the prerequisites to ensure product quality in the production process of button drill bits. Since the steel used for the production of steel button bits is mainly made of chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel or silicon-manganese-chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel, the steel quality is very high. For cemented carbide, you can choose ZZBETTER’S high-quality cemented carbide.


ZZBETTER has a complete range of cemented carbide buttons, and various sizes of cemented carbide mining buttons can be produced and customized.

Advantages of ZZBETTER’ s tungsten carbide buttons

1. Having unique working performance

2. High hardness and good wear resistance

3. Widely used in mining of various rocks and oil drilling.

4. Suitable for crushing very strong granite, limestone and poor iron ore, etc.

Applications of tungsten carbide buttons

1. Oil drilling and shoveling, snow plow machines, and other equipment.

2. Used for coal drilling tools, mining machinery tools, and road maintenance tools.

3. used in quarrying, mining, tunneling, and civil construction.

4. DTH Drill bit, thread drill bit, and other drill bits.

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