Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide

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Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide


Tungsten carbide, also known as tungsten alloy, cemented carbide, or hard metal, is widely used in mining, boring, digging, and quarrying. Nowadays, more and more people are likely to purchase tungsten carbide products because of their great performance. Tungsten carbide has to suffer high-temperature and high-pressure environments before they are packed to customers.

Tungsten carbide is a kind of alloy material made from refractory carbides of transition metal (usually tungsten) and some iron-group metals, like cobalt, nickel, and iron, which can bind metal particles by powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy is a method to manufacture materials, press tungsten carbide powder into a certain shape, and sinters them under a high temperature. Every procedure is made to work for its hardness, durability, and resistance. After these procedures, the tungsten carbide products will have many characteristics.

1. High hardness and high abrasion resistance. Tungsten carbide products can also keep high hardness, even at a high temperature. 

2. High elasticity and high rigidity. Tungsten carbide products have a good stiffness even at room temperature.

3. High compressive strength. Compressive strength is the ability of tungsten carbide products to withstand loads tending to reduce size.

4. Stable chemical. Some tungsten carbide products have the ability of acid resistance and alkali resistance and will not have oxidation under a high temperature.

5. Lower impact toughness. 

6. Lower coefficient of thermal expansion

7. Thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity close to iron and its alloy.


With these characteristics, tungsten carbide holds an important role as a modern material, abrasion-resistant material, high-temperature resistant material, and corrosion-resistant material. They used to lead to the technology reform in the cutting industry and are seen as the signal for the third stage of tool material.

Compared with steel, tungsten carbide always has more advantages:

1. It can work for a longer time. 

2. It can increase the cutting and digging speed by dozens of times to increase productivity.

3. It can increase the accuracy and precision of the tool.

4. It can realize some manufacturing, which is difficult to realize in the past.

5. It can help produce some components resistant to high temperature and corrosion to increase their working life even in a bad environment.

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