Different Shapes of Tungsten Carbide

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Different Shapes of Tungsten Carbide


Tungsten carbide is one of the most popular tool materials in the modern industry. There is only a diamond that is harder than tungsten carbide. So people always tend to choose tungsten carbide when they are facing very hard rock layers or materials. Actually, for different applications, tungsten carbide can be manufactured into different shapes.


Tungsten carbide rods

Tungsten carbide rods are round bars that can be made into different lengths and diameters and are strict in tolerance. They have high toughness and wear resistance. When workers are producing them, many methods can be applied, like die pressing, extrusion pressing, and dry-bag isostatic pressing. They can be manufactured into drills, end mills, and reamers so that they can be used for cutting, stamping, and measuring tools. Tungsten carbide is widely used in paper making, packaging, printing, and processing other materials.


Tungsten carbide buttons

Tungsten carbide buttons are mainly used as mining tools. They can be machined on the drill bits to dig a tunnel and cut minerals and rock layers. Tungsten carbide buttons have many different shapes, like conical buttons, parabolic buttons, ball buttons, and wedge buttons. Different kinds of buttons have different advantages, so they can be used to deal with different rocks with working efficiency. 


Tungsten carbide studs for HPGR

Tungsten carbide studs are produced to be inserted into the high-pressure grinding roller (HPGR). HPGR is used to grind coal, iron ore, gold, copper, and other minerals into the fragment. And in this process, tungsten carbide played an important role. HPGR has two rollers, and they turn around in different directions. The feed is supplied above the two rollers. There are many studs installed on the rollers to grind and cut minerals. 


Tungsten carbide dies

Tungsten carbide dies are also a kind of popular tungsten carbide product. There are four types of tungsten carbide dies. They are tungsten carbide wire drawing dies, cold heading dies, non-magnetic alloy dies, and hot work dies. Tungsten carbide dies are suitable for drawing steel, manufacturing mechanical parts, stamping dies, making musical instrument strings, and so on.


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