Factors Affecting DTH Bit Efficiency

2024-01-18 Share

Factors Affecting DTH Bit Efficiency

DTH (Down-The-Hole) bit refers to a specialized drilling tool used in the mining, construction, and oil and gas industries. It is designed to be attached to a DTH hammer and used in down-the-hole drilling operations.

In addition to the correct selection of cemented carbide grades, the efficiency of the DTH drill is also affected by many factors, the drill can mainly be seen by careful observation. The shape of the drill bit is different, and the section of the blast hole obtained when the drill is drilled is also different.

1. Drill shape

The shape of the drill bit directly affects the section of the blast hole. The blast hole section of most drill bits is polygonal, not round. Therefore, the polygonal section is formed due to the deviation of the drill bit to one side of the blast hole when it rotates along its axis. During the drilling process, the drill rod does not rotate on a fixed axis but oscillates freely in the borehole. 

2. Rock properties

The rock properties that affect the bit speed are mainly viscosity, hardness, and elasticity. The stickiness of a rock is the ability of the rock to resist breaking into small pieces. The rock properties are related to the composition and composition of the rock; the small size and shape of the particles; and the quantity, composition, and moisture content of the cement. Tight and homogeneous rocks have the same viscosity in all directions, and heterogeneous or layered rocks have different viscosity in all directions. The hardness of the rock, like the viscosity, is determined by the connecting force between the rock particles. However, the hardness of rock is the ability to resist sharp tools penetrating it. The elasticity of rock refers to its ability to restore its original shape and volume after the external force acting on it disappears. All rocks are elastic. The elasticity of the rock has a significant impact on the impact of the drill bit.

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