Gauge and Front Buttons of Tungsten Carbide

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Gauge Buttons and Front Buttons of Tungsten Carbide


1. Tungsten carbide buttons

Made from tungsten carbide powder and binder powder, tungsten carbide buttons have high hardness, strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. Compared to many tools made from other materials, tungsten carbide buttons can generate higher impact and work for a longer time. Like other tungsten carbide products, tungsten carbide buttons are finished after a series of the manufacturing process, including mixing with cobalt powder, wet milling, spray drying, compacting, and sintering. Tungsten carbide buttons can be made into different shapes and sizes and inserted into different drill bits for different applications. They can also be manufactured into distinguished grades.

2. Drill bits

Drill bits are common tools in the mine, oil fields, and so on. Tungsten carbide buttons can be applied to various kinds of drill bits, such as DTH drill bits, mono-cone drill bits, double-cone drill bits, tri-cone drill bits, percussion drill bits, top hammer rock drill bits, and rotary prospecting bits.

To insert tungsten carbide in the drill bits, there are two common methods. One is the hot forging, and the other one is the cold pressing. Hot forging is to use copper and melt it under high temperature to bind tungsten carbide buttons in the drill bits. And cold pressing does not need heat. During cold pressing, tungsten carbide buttons are pressed in the drill bits by high pressure above. 

3. Gauge buttons and front buttons

If you have used drill bits or observed them, you will find some buttons on the same drill bits are different. Some of them may be wedge buttons, while others are dome buttons. According to their situations on the drill bits, tungsten carbide buttons can be divided into gauge buttons and front buttons. During the drill bits working, the front buttons aim to break the rock formation, and their heads will be worn flat. Gauge buttons are mainly to break rock formation and make ensure that the diameter of the drill bits is unchanged or does not change much. The main wear type of gauge buttons is abrasive wear in the buttons head or on the side of buttons.


Common tungsten carbide buttons are wedge buttons, dome buttons, conical buttons, and parabolic buttons. If you are interested in tungsten carbide buttons and want more information and details, you can CONTACT US by phone or mail at the left, or SEND US MAIL at the bottom of the page.

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