Grades of Tungsten Carbide Buttons

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Grades of Tungsten Carbide Buttons


Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest tool materials in the world, which is only less than diamond. Tungsten carbide can be manufactured into many kinds of products, one of which is tungsten carbide buttons. Tungsten carbide buttons are widely used in mining fields, oil fields, construction, and so on. When choosing tungsten carbide buttons, we should consider many elements, such as the shapes of tungsten carbide buttons, the grades of tungsten carbide, and the rock condition. In this article, we are going to talk about the common grades of tungsten carbide buttons.


The common grades are the “YG” series, “YK” series, and so on. The “YG” series is the most widely used one, so we will take the “YG” series as an example. “YG” series always uses cobalt as their binders. YG8 is the most common grade of tungsten carbide. The number 8 means there is 8% of cobalt in the tungsten carbide. Some grades are ended with an alphabet like C, which means coarse grain of size.


Here are some grades of tungsten carbide buttons and their applications.



There is only 4% cobalt in the tungsten carbide. The less cobalt in tungsten carbide, the higher hardness it will have. So YG4 can be used to deal with soft, medium-hard, and hard rocks. Tungsten carbide buttons in YG4 are highly versatile. They are used as small buttons for percussion bits and as an insert for rotary prospecting bits.



Tungsten carbide buttons in YG6 are used to cut coal as electric coal drill bits, oil tooth bits, oil roller bits, as well as scraper ball tooth bits. They are used for small and medium-sized percussion bits and rotary prospecting bits’ inserts to cut complex formations.



Tungsten carbide buttons in YG8 are used to cut soft and medium rock layers. They are also applied for core drills, electric coal drill bits, oil tooth wheel bits, and scraper ball tooth bits.



Tungsten carbide buttons in YG9 are highly versatile. They are mainly used as inserts for coal-cutting bits, and rotary percussive, and tri-tone bits to cut rigid formations.



Tungsten carbide buttons in YG11C are mostly used as ball teeth for impact drills and teeth, wheel drills for cutting high-hardness materials, and inserts for rotary percussive bits. They can also be inserted on heavy rock drills, coal-cutting bits, and tri-cone bits to cut medium-hard and complex formations. They are also used in impact bits and roller bits which are used for cutting high-hardness materials.


These are some of the common grades of tungsten carbide buttons. If you are interested in tungsten carbide products and want more information and details, you can CONTACT US by phone or mail at the left, or SEND US MAIL at the bottom of the page.

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