How to Choose a Round Shank Bit

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How to Choose a Round Shank Bit?


Round shank bits are powerful tools that can save much human power. They have stiff tungsten carbide buttons on them and a wear-resistance body tooth. They are applied for mining, digging, and boring tunnels. With the development of the construction and mining industry, more and more customers require high-quality round shank bits. This article talks about the methods to choose a round shank bit and the reasons for wear.

Round shank bits can withstand high temperature, high pressure, and high impact so they can be applied in various industries. Round shank bits can be divided into different Grade and different shapes. Some of them are much harder, and some sharper. Different round shank bits will be used according to different situations and different types of rocks.

1. Application

Round shank bits are common in mining industries, especially when boring tunnels before mining. So customers’ needs should be known first, which makes sense.

2. Hardness

In different places, there are different types of rocks. According to different hardness and types of rocks, different Grades of tungsten carbide buttons will be inserted in the drill bits.

3. Degree of Weathering

Different weathering functions can also affect the choice of round shank bits. In spite of the softest rock, weathering can also affect the difficulty to cut the rocks.

4. Size

Above three elements are considering the aspect of rocks. The size refers to which size the machine, usually the roadheader machine, asked. Only suitable sizes of round shank bits can work better.


After a considerate thought of choosing what kind of round shank bits, how to prevent from wear better also need to pay attention to make them work for long life. There are two kinds of common reasons.

1. Wrong method of installation

Round shank bits and their tooth seats must be installed at a certain angle. The wrong angle will make round shank bits easy to fall out because during the road header is working, the cutting heads are spinning at high speed, and every single bit works to cut the rocks. If the bit works at the wrong angle, it has to withstand more impact.

2. Excess power rate

When the work power rate is over the limitation, it will also make the round shank bits or the cutting heads damaged.

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