How to Select Grades for Tungsten Carbide Strips

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How to Select Grades for Tungsten Carbide Strips


We all know there are many types of tungsten carbide strips, and they are widely used in different fields for different applications. The main applications are as below:

Ceramic Tiles Industry

Food, Beverage & Milk Processing Industries

Homogenizer Manufacturers

Particle Reduction Machinery Manufacturers

Drilling & Gas Lifting Equipment

Dies, Pigments & Intermediate Process Plants

Extrusion Machinery Manufacturers

Power Equipment Manufacturers

EDM Manufacturers


There are three kinds of applications, cutting tools, molds and wear parts. When used on different materials, the requirement has different performance. Then, how to select a proper carbide grade for the carbide strips?

Things to Consider:

1. Types of binder

2. Amount of cobalt

3. Size of grains


Types and Amount of Binder

Tungsten carbide used here means WC grains in a cobalt binder. Cobalt is softer than the tungsten carbide grains, so the more cobalt you have, the softer the overall materials will be. This may or may not relate to how hard the individual grains are. But the percentage of cobalt is an important factor to affect the hardness of the tungsten carbide material. More cobalt means it will be harder to break, but it will also wear out faster. There is also another binder that can be used for making strips. That is Nickle. Tungsten carbide strips with Nickle binder mean the carbide strip is non-magnetic. It is usually used in electronic fields where magnetic is now allowed. In most situations, Cobalt is the first choice. When used as a mold, we will choose a high percentage of cobalt grades because it has better impact resistance, and can bear more pressure in its working process.


Size of Grains

Smaller grains give better wear and larger grains give better impact resistance. Very fine grain tungsten carbides give very high hardness while extra coarse grains are best in extremely severe wear and impact applications such as rock drilling and mining applications. For example, for wood cutting, medium grain size and fine grain size are the most commonly chosen grain size; but for tungsten carbide strips for VSI crusher, we will choose coarse grain size carbide grades.

The carbide grade choosing is a complicated question to answer as there are too many factors to consider. Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Company has over 15 years' experience in tungsten carbide manufacturing, we can help you find the most suitable grades for your application!

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