How To Choose Tungsten Carbide Suppliers In China?

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How to choose tungsten carbide suppliers in China?

China has the most abundant tungsten resource in the world, it is the largest tungsten production and exporting country in the world as well. China tungsten ore resources account for more than 70% of the world's share. Since 1956, China industry has started to produce cemented carbide. Due to China's rich tungsten ore resources and long experience in cemented carbide production, cemented carbide products made in China have become the choice of many cemented carbide purchasers and manufacturers.


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At present, there are thousands of companies producing and selling tungsten carbide products in China. Each has its own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, many cemented carbide buyers who do not know much about China do not know how to choose when purchasing tungsten carbide. So, how to choose a suitable cemented carbide supplier in China?

First, conduct a comprehensive survey of the Internet to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's situation. Generally speaking, a cemented carbide supplier that attaches importance to foreign trade will establish a professional website to disclose its information to customers through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In addition, it will fully open itself to the world through social media such as FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, twitter, etc., so that customers can learn about the company's various situations through multiple channels.

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Second, if you need to establish a long-term supply relationship, or make bulk purchases with an annual purchase amount of more than 1 million US dollars, you need to select 3-5 suppliers as the inspection objects, and go to the supplier's location for a comprehensive inspection. It mainly inspects the suppliers' technical strength, production capacity, quality assurance level, price, delivery time, etc., and also inspects their foreign trade professionalism to see if they can meet your needs. A strong supplier with rich foreign trade experience can fully reduce your procurement cost. After the inspection, at least two suppliers should be selected as suppliers at the same time. This is relatively guaranteed in terms of price and quality assurance. Choose a manufacturer and a powerful trading company as a supply channel.

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Third,after selecting a good supplier, if it is a large-scale purchase, you must start with samples and small orders to comprehensively inspect the supplier's capabilities. Whether it can really meet your requirements. Especially for products such as cemented carbide rods, cemented carbide balls, and cemented carbide buttons, suppliers must provide free samples for on-the-spot use. Can meet the quality requirements to purchase in bulk. Otherwise, once there is a quality problem, it will be quite troublesome. If the supplier has the spirit of contract, abiding by the contract and keeping promises, it will be easy to handle. If the company is not trustworthy and wants to deal with it through judicial relief channels, it will be very troublesome.

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