Industry Application of Tungsten Carbide

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Industry Application of Tungsten Carbide


In the former articles, we have talked about the unique properties, exceptional qualities, and many advantages of ZZBETTER tungsten carbide. ZZBETTER can provide many kinds of tungsten carbide products in different shapes, to fit different applications. Tungsten carbide, with so many advantages, can be applied in the manufacturing field, industry field, as well as the medical field, fashion field, and others. In this article, we are focusing on the applications in some industry fields.

1. Industrial alloys

Tungsten carbide is also called hard alloy in modern industry. The hard alloy consists of several metals or elements, and the properties of the hard alloy conclude the advantages of its composite. Therefore, tungsten carbide has the properties of tungsten and carbon. The cobalt added to the tungsten carbide is mainly used to bind the tungsten carbide particles more tightly. Tungsten carbide can be used to manufacture many tools and materials. And tungsten carbide can also be used to create another alloy. Alloys created from tungsten carbide are popular for industrial usage, PDC cutter is one example. Around 17% of tungsten carbide is used for the creation of another alloy, which can be applied to construction projects, industrial gears, and aeronautical equipment.

2. Construction

Tool materials used in construction always require to have the properties of high strength, toughness, and resistance. Drill bits and blades are suitable for dealing with cement and asphalt. Other tungsten carbide products are also used widely in construction because tungsten carbide products have high hardness and are hard to break.

3. Surgical tools production

Tungsten carbide is often used to manufacture surgical instruments because tungsten carbide is corrosion resistant to enhance the performance of the surgical instruments. Doctors and dentists may be familiar with these tools.

4. Milling industry

The milling industry requires the milling tools to be very precise. Tungsten carbide is suitable because they are very hard and can be used to manufacture other materials. At the same time, they are easy to be molded. Tungsten carbide plays an important role in the milling industry. Tungsten carbide cutters and tungsten carbide end mills are powerful tools to improve your efficiency.

Except for the above application, tungsten carbide can be seen in other fields, even somewhere you might not imagine. Tungsten carbide can also be used on golf clubs, musical instruments, ballpoint pens, and even space satellites.


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