Introduction of Tapered Button Bits

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 Introduction of Tapered Button Bits


Tapered drill bits are made of carbide and steel, which connect tapered drill steel with rock drill for drilling holes. It is used in granite and marble quarry, goldmine, railway, and tunnels for drilling. There are three main types of Tapered drill bits: 


1. Tapered chisel bits

The tapered chisel bit is widely used in drilling holes with depths less than  5 meters and diameters ranging from 20-45 mm by light-duty rock drill.


2. Tapered cross bits

The tapered cross bits can be used under any rock drilling condition because of their comprehensive adaptability. Compared with tapered chisel bits, tapered cross bits have a better drilling performance because carbide tips on cross bits doubled, which means carbides shape are cross-type on drill bits. The tapered cross bit is mainly used for hard rock formation.


3. Tapered button bits 

Compared with tapered chisel bits and tapered cross bits, tapered button bits have advanced technology, much longer primary drilling time, and higher drilling efficiency. With carbide buttons pressed on bits bodies, the tapered button bits have good drilling performance and lifetime. Usually used for hard rock formation, the tapered button bit is popular among users.



According to the tungsten carbide insert, tapered button bits can be divided into hemispherical buttons, conical buttons, and parabolic buttons.

Button bits with a hemispherical button are for high bearing capacity and abrasive resistance. Button bits with a conical button or parabolic button are for high drilling speed and low abrasive resistance. 

The top hammer rock drilling tools tapered button bits are widely applicable to the mining industry, tunneling, underground engineering, blast industry, pipe and trench projects, rock anchoring and ground stabilization projects, and water well industry.

Tapered button bits are the most popular tapered drill bits with a wide selection of head diameters from 26mm to 48mm. With carbide buttons hot pressed on the bit drills, tapered button bits have a good drilling performance and are excellent in longevity.

Features of our taper button bit

1. Made of steel and tungsten carbide;

2. Specification with different rock formations to improve design and drilling speed;

3. Durability from the heat-treatment of military-grade requirements.


Rock drilling tools taper button bits

Diameter: 32mm 34mm 36mm 38mm 40mm

Tapered degrees: 4.8 degrees, 6 degrees, 7 degrees, 11 degrees, 12 degrees.

Button tips: 4 tips, 5 tips, 6 tips, 7 tips, 8 tips

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Taper button bits are suitable for cutting and drilling various hard non-ferrous materials, such as marble, granite, glass, ceramic, hard concrete, and brick.

Advantages of our taper button bit:

1. Increased penetration rate.

2. Longer service life.

3. Lower drilling costs.

4. Improved hole straightness.

5. Extensive selection of button and cross-type bits.

6. Different front designs for various rock formations.


ZZBETTER offers high-quality tapered button drill bit size from 32mm-48mm, which is made of high-quality steel and carbide, and with carbide buttons hot pressed on the bit skirts, tapered button bits have a good drilling performance and are excellent in longevity.

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