PDC Cutter for Anchor Shank Bit

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PDC Cutter for PDC Anchor Shank Bit


PDC cutter, also named Polycrystalline Diamond Compact cutter, is a kind of super-hard material. The PDC cutter is usually a cylinder with a man-made black diamond cutting face, engineered to withstand the extreme abrasion impact and heat that comes from drilling through rock. The diamond layer and carbide substrate are sintered under ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature. 

The PDC cutter has the feature of good wear-resistance, impact resistance, and good thermal stability, which is widely used for mining, geological exploration, oil and gas drilling, such as: 


1. PDC drill bit

2. DTH drill bit

3. Diamond pick

4. Reaming tools

5. Anchor bit 

6. Core bit

7. Diamond-bearing element

8. Stone cutting saw blade


PDC Cutter was invented first by General Electric (GE) in 1971. It is introduced commercially in 1976 after it is proven much more efficient than the crushing actions of carbide button bits. PDC bits now occupy more than 90% of the total drilling footage in the world.


PDC anchor shank bits are mainly applied for drilling anchor-network, and support holes in the coal mine to guarantee fast and high efficiency in cave excavating. PDC anchor shank bit is the most basic part of roadway support in coal mines. The size is usually from 27 to 42mm. The two wings of the PDC anchor drill bit adopt PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) as the cutting tooth. PDC cutter 1304 and 1304 half are mainly used for the PDC anchor bit. The application of PDC has greatly improved the drilling efficiency of the PDC anchor drill bit and is taking the place of the tungsten carbide drill bit gradually.

Feature of PDC anchor shank bit:

1. With the perfect stability in penetration and hole drilling of PDC, it will not easy to be collapsed.

2. The service life of the PDC anchor bit is 10-30 times longer than normal alloy bits when drilling the same rock formation.

3. No need to sharpen. This bit can lower work intensity and save man-hours.

4. Applicable rock formation: f<12.

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