Wear of Tungsten Carbide Studs

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Wear of Tungsten Carbide Studs


Tungsten carbide studs, or cemented carbide studs, are widely used to cut large size of materials into small sizes. They are made from tungsten carbide powder by powder metallurgy technique. Tungsten carbide studs have high hardness, strength, wear resistance, and impact resistance. So they can improve the working efficiency and service life of the High-Pressure Grinding Rollers.


Properties of tungsten carbide studs

Tungsten carbide studs have the properties of high hardness, high transverse rupture strength, impact toughness, and so on. Generally speaking, the higher hardness the material has the higher the wear resistance it will have. Many factories will affect the properties of tungsten carbide studs. For example, a higher amount of cobalt will make transverse and impact toughness higher. So, we should choose the most suitable tungsten carbide studs according to the working environment of the tungsten carbide to maximize the service life of the tungsten carbide studs and the high-pressure grinding rollers.


Wear of tungsten carbide studs

Tungsten carbide studs have the advantages of wear resistance and hardness, but the resistance of the shear force is low. So wear is possible to happen during its working. The tungsten carbide studs are enduring high-stress abrasive wear, shear force damage, and long-time fatigue during the high-pressure grinding rollers are operating. So, the cemented carbide studs may break, wear, or disappear during grinding and these will also affect the working of the high-pressure grinding rollers.

Here are several reasons for the wear of tungsten carbide studs.

1. Abrasive wear;

With the repeated operation of high pressure grinding roller to grind large size of materials or hard materials, the tungsten carbide studs are enduring the abrasive wear of the grinding and are damaged on the surface of tungsten carbide.

2. Shear force damage;

Shear force is the force in two opposite directions produced in the grinding. As we all know, tungsten carbide products with higher hardness are always lower in transverse rupture strength. So it is easy to explain why the high hardness tungsten carbide studs can also be inevitably damaged while grinding large sizes of materials.

3. Unsuitable tungsten carbide.

When we are choosing the tungsten carbide studs, we should take into consideration of the materials that will be ground and the condition that the tungsten carbide studs will be applied.


Knowing the properties and the wear causes of tungsten carbide studs, you must be qualified with the knowledge to choose good and suitable tungsten carbide studs. If you are interested in tungsten carbide products and want more information and details, you can CONTACT US by phone or mail at the left, or SEND US MAIL at the bottom of the page.

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