Process of Heat Treatment

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Process of Heat Treatment


In modern industry, tungsten carbide products have already occupied the leading place of tool material. They are praised to be powerful materials. At the same time, people are still looking for some methods to get higher-performance tungsten carbide. Heat treatment is one of the methods. In this article, we are going to talk about heat treatment and the 3 stages of heat treatment. 


What is heat treatment?

Heat treatment is a process to heat tungsten carbide without reaching its molten point and melting point, and then cooling down the tungsten carbide. This is a controlled way, which is good to improve the properties of tungsten carbide. 


There are 3 stages of heat treatment. They are the heating stage, the soaking stage, and the cooling stage.


The Heating Stage

The most important thing to be paid attention to is the heating rate. Considering the heat conductivity, the condition, and the sizes of tungsten carbide, the heating temperature should be controlled to increase slowly. Slow increasing in temperature can make sure that the tungsten carbide heats uniformly. Once the tungsten carbide is not heated evenly, the side at a higher temperature will expand faster than the other side at a lower temperature, which may result in cracks.


The Soaking Stage

During the soaking stage, the appropriate temperature will be kept to form the expected internal structure of tungsten carbide. The period for the soaking stage is called the soaking period. During the soaking period, the temperature is consistent throughout the tungsten carbide. 


The Cooling Stage

In this stage, we aim to cool tungsten carbide back to room temperature. We need a cooling medium to accelerate the speed to cool. The rate of cooling depends on the tungsten carbide itself and the medium. Usually, we choose a liquid to finish this, because water can rapidly cool metal. 


These are the 3 stages of tungsten carbide heat treatment. Heat treatment can strengthen the performance of tungsten carbide.


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