Prolong the Service Life of Carbide Wire Drawing Dies

2022-10-11 Share

Prolong the Service Life of Carbide Wire Drawing Dies


1. Provide stability

Ensure the stability of the drawing machine for each drawing drum, and the guides above the line should be smooth, flexible, and strictly controlled for runout resistance. If the drum is found, the guide wheel has a worn groove, and the drawing dies should be repaired in time.

2. Good lubrication

Good lubrication is important to ensure wire surface quality and extend mold life. The lubrication index should be checked frequently by removing copper powder and impurities in the lubrication so as not to contaminate the bore of the equipment. If the lubricant does not work, it must be replaced and cleaned in time.

3. Intelligent allotype

A reasonable allotype is to ensure the quality of the wire surface and the accuracy of dimensional control and reduce the wear of the drawing drum and the operating load of the equipment. For sliding drawing machines, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the mechanical extension of the equipment. The slip factor is chosen judiciously, which is the main step in mold fitting.

4. Appropriate adjustment of the size of the compression angle

The rate of reduction of the surface of each drawing and the material of the drawn wire are also closely related to the compression angle of the corresponding shape. The amount of compression angle is suitably adjusted according to the amount of the surface reduction rate.

5. The timely replacement of the aging drawing dies

When the drawing die reaches the service life, please replace it in time for repair treatment to avoid excessive causing scrap of the wire.


Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies are widely used for wire drawing in various industries. It has high hardness, excellent thermal stability, high strength, and long service life, and is one of the best mold materials.

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