Properties of Tungsten Carbide

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Properties of Tungsten Carbide


Tungsten carbide, today, is a tool material we can see every day in our life. It can be made into various products for several applications throughout many industries. It is so popular in the modern industry due to its great properties. In this article, we are going to know the properties of tungsten carbide to figure out why tungsten carbide is so popular.



The density is 15.63 g/cm3 in normal conditions at room temperature. But in the fact manufacturing of tungsten carbide, workers are going to add some binder powder like cobalt into the tungsten carbide powder, so the density of tungsten carbide powder is lower than that of raw material.


Grain size

Mixed tungsten carbide will be milled in the ball milling machine. The mixed powder will be milled according to the requirements of the buyer. Normally, our grain size can be machined into coarse, medium, fine, and ultra-fine. Tungsten carbide with larger grains of size will have higher strength and toughness because the larger grains interlock better, but it can not provide high wear resistance at the same time. The choice of the grain of tungsten carbide is decided by the application and the working of tungsten carbide.



Hardness is an important property of tungsten carbide, which is tested by the Rockwell Hardness Tester. A pointed diamond indenter is forced into the tungsten carbide and the depth of the hole is a measure of the hardness. In manufacturing tungsten carbide, many factors will affect the hardness, such as the amount of cobalt, the grain size, the amount of carbon, and also the manufacturing process. The higher the hardness of tungsten carbide, the better wear resistance the tungsten carbide will have. 


Impact strength

Impact strength is to measure the shock resistance of tungsten carbide by drop weight impact test. This method is a more reliable indication of strength than TRS, which refers to Transverse Rupture Strength, a measure of strength.


Thermal expansion

The mean coefficient of thermal expansion indicates the amount of expansion when the tungsten carbide is heated. The expansion of the tungsten carbide is following the expansion of the temperature. The more binder powder in the tungsten carbide, the higher the thermal expansion of the tungsten carbide will be. 


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