Shaped PDC Cutter

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Shaped PDC Cutter


PDC cutter is a crucial part of a drill bit, also a workhorse of drilling. Different shapes of PDC cutters are aimed to meet different work conditions. Choosing the right shape is very important, improving your working efficiency and reducing the drilling cost.


The standard PDC cutter cylinder is not the only shape for cutters on the market today. Shaped PDC cutters are evolving in every aspect of the drilling arena. Whether you are looking for increased ROP, optimized cooling, better depth of cut and formation engagement, or better secondary cutting elements, you can always find solutions at ZZBETTER. Our engineering team has designed a wide variety of shapes with exceptional performance for down-hole drilling. we also collaborate with our customers to develop mutually designed shapes or to build designs developed by them. 

Currently, the shaped cutters we produced are PDC conical cutters, parabolic cutters, spherical cutters, ridged PDC cutters, and other irregularly shaped cutters


Spherical PDC Cutter

Spherical PDC Cutter also named PDC dome buttons, are widely used for DTH drilling bits. DTH drilling is the industry-standard method for drilling hard rock. DTH =down the hole because the hammer literally goes down- the –hole. Down-the-hole (DTH) hammer bits are used with Down-the-hole hammers for drilling holes through a wide range of rock types. DTH drill bits are available in different sizes and different styles so they can drill a wide range of hole sizes. 

Conical PDC cutter

The PDC conical cutter exhibits a significantly high abrasion resistance and successfully cuts hard abrasive rocks with no observable wear, which represents a significant step toward the goal of long-life bits for hard formations in hot environments. 


Ridged PDC cutter

The Ridged diamond cutting element has a unique geometry that combines the shearing action of conventional PDC cutters with the compression of tungsten carbide inserts (TCI). The ridged diamond element can be used with matrix and steel-bodied bits to drill unconventional good intervals continuously through the vertical, curve, and lateral. The crushing function in one, the advantages are:

(1)Increased cutting efficiency for instant ROP improvement 

(2)Enhanced control in directional applications 

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