3 Questions about Tungsten Carbide Buttons

2022-11-24 Share

3 Questions about Tungsten Carbide Buttons


Tungsten carbide buttons, also known as cemented carbide buttons, are made from tungsten carbide powder. They have the properties of tungsten carbide, like high wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. Today we got some popular questions about these products. 


Q1: What kinds of tungsten carbide buttons do you have?

There are conical buttons, wedge buttons, and ball buttons. Except for these shapes, we can produce spoon buttons, flat buttons, and the like. We can also produce others according to your drawings. 

These carbide buttons can be inserted into different drill bits. 

Conical buttons have a sharper head. It is a cylinder button with a conical head, so it is easier to drill into the rock, and the drilling speed is higher. Buttons are used to be inserted on drill bits. Usually, conical buttons can be inserted on mining drill bits, coal mining bits, conjoined electric rock drill bits, coal cutting picks, and rock drilling hammer bits.

Wedge buttons. The button head of wedge buttons is a triangle from the side vision. It is suitable for hard and abrasive rocks. These kinds of buttons can be inserted in tricone bits, oil cone bits, mono-cone bits, and double-cone bits. 

Ball buttonIt has a duller head than others. It can be forged in drill bits for rotary percussion drilling, DTH drill button bits, and oil cone bits. And this button can utilize higher energy and realize better rock breaking.


Q2: What is the application of tungsten carbide buttons?

Tungsten carbide buttons have various applications such as rock drilling, oil mining, coal mining, snow removal, and civil construction.


Q3: What grades of tungsten carbide buttons do you have?

For carbide mining tools, YG8 is the most popular grade. It has 8% cobalt powder in the tungsten carbide mixture. YG8 tungsten carbide buttons have high hardness, and strength, and can serve for a long time. And they are resistant to wear and corrosion. Here are some parameters of YG8 tungsten carbide buttons. The density of YG8 tungsten carbide buttons is 14.8 g/cm3, and the transverse rupture strength is around 2200 MPa. And the hardness of YG8 tungsten carbide buttons is around 89.5 HRA.

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