Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide Powder

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Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide Powder


1. What is Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide Powder?

Spherical cast tungsten carbide powder consists of dark gray particles, which are made by ultra high-temperature spheroidization or gas atomization process.

Dendritic crystal structure composed of WC and W2C: high melting point(2525℃), high hardness (HV0.1≥2700), high feather structure(content≥90%), chemically stable, excellent flowability, high microhardness, and high wear resistance.

This product is used for diamond oil drill bit matrix materials, plasma (PTA) surfacing materials, spray welding materials, and cemented carbide wear-resistant electrodes (wire).

2. How to produce it?

The spherical tungsten carbide powder is generally made from regular cast tungsten carbide power or the mixture of tungsten (W), tungsten carbide (WC), and carbon (C). There are primarily two production processes: (1) the mixture of tungsten powder blended with tungsten carbide and carbon powder is melted first. The molten mixture is then atomized by rotation atomizing or ultra-high-temperature melting & atomizing process. It spheroids into spherical WC particles during the rapid solidification process due to surface tension. (2) Another process is based on the modification of regular cast tungsten carbide powder. Plasma spraying, electric induction, or electric resistance furnace melting is applied during the spheroidization process to obtain fine spherical WC particles.

3. How about its physical performance of it?

Controllable total carbon content;

Uniform W2C and WC two-phase structure;

High microhardness (HV0.1≥2700);

High purity (≥99.9%);

Low oxygen (≤100ppm);

High sphericity (≥98 %);

Smooth surface;

No satellite balls;

Uniform particle size distribution;

Excellent flow properties (≤6.0s/50g);

High bulk density (≥9.5g/cm3);

Tap density (≥10.5g/cm3).

The cast spherical tungsten carbide powder has the microstructure of fine equiaxed dendrites, as shown in the above photo. The SEM photo below clearly shows its morphology of dense homogeneous spherical WC particles. It maintains stable chemical properties, good flexibility and hardness, and outstanding wear/abrasion resistance. The particle sizes of cast spherical WC powder are from 0.025 mm to 0.25 mm, which exhibits a dark gray luster. Its specific density is 15.8~16.7 g/cm3 with micro-hardness ranging from 2700~3300 kg/mm2.


4. What are its applications?

The cast spherical tungsten carbide powder is widely applied for hardfacing of drilling bits and PDC drill tools, HVOF or PTA thermal spray on surfaces of valve seats or internal passages, and weld overlay on the flange facing areas, etc.

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