The Differences between Virgin Cemented Carbide and Recycled Cemented Carbide

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The Differences between Virgin Cemented Carbide and Recycled Cemented Carbide


Nowadays, you may be confused about those raw materials of tungsten carbide, such as imported cemented carbide, virgin cemented carbide, recycled cemented carbide, and black goods which are rampant on the internet. It is also difficult for consumers to tell the truth from the fake. Once you buy recycled cemented carbide or fake imported cemented carbide, if you find it early, you will lose money for the material, and if you find it late, you will lose processing fees and customers.

So when purchasing materials, you must go to regular merchants or official brand-authorized physical stores to buy. ZZBETTER Cemented Carbide has always insisted on using the highest quality raw material to produce cemented carbide products. The purity of its tungsten powder reaches 99.95% and resolutely eliminates any form of recycled material products. The products are tested by seven national quality inspection standards before leaving the factory to ensure that each product is qualified.

Today, ZZBETTER Tungsten Carbide will teach you a little about the identification method of virgin cemented carbide and recycled cemented carbide:

One: The density of recycled cemented carbide must be lower than that of virgin cemented carbide. For example, YG15 cemented carbide density is 13.90-14.20g/cm³. We can measure the external dimensions according to the purchased cemented carbide, calculate the volume according to the external dimensions, and then weigh in Kg. At last, we can measure the density according to the formula: density = weight /volume (note that Kg has to be converted into g, and the volume unit is cm³.) Usually, this process can be finished by an analytical balance. If the density is lower than the national standard density of YG15, it can be concluded that this piece of cemented carbide is recycled cemented carbide.


Two: The surface of the recycled carbide blank is uneven and very rough.

Three: The finish of the recycled cemented carbide cannot be achieved after fine grinding, there will be black spots, and in serious cases, there may be pores or sand holes.

Four: When the reclaimed cemented carbide is used for slow wire processing, there will be wire breakage.

The above are many enough to judge the virgin cemented carbide and the recycled cemented carbide.

ZZBETTER tungsten carbide specializes in the production of the following products:

cemented carbide (tungsten carbide) plates, cemented carbide round bars, cemented carbide strips, tungsten carbide blades, cemented carbide drawing dies, cemented carbide cold heading dies, carbide wire drawing dies, geological and mining tools (ball teeth, drill bits), hard alloy bars for sand making machines, stamping wear parts, carbide cutting tools, and non-standard carbide products.


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