The Importance of Developing and Promoting Carbide Button Bits in China

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The Importance of Developing and Promoting Carbide Button Bits in China

The Importance of Developing and Promoting Carbide Button Bits in China

From the early 1990s to the present, with the development of the mining industry and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological levels, the development of domestic carbide button series drill bits is also rapid. Technically, it is composed of cemented carbide studs inlaid on the bit body. Compared with the in-line drill bit and the cross-shaped drill bit, the tooth arrangement of the carbide button bit is more free. It can flexibly and reasonably determine the number and position of the ball teeth according to the size of the rock breaking load and the diameter of the drilling hole, and the diameter of the drill pipe and the drill bit will not be limited.


Due to the large force area of the ball-tooth drill bit, multi-point crushing is used in the crushing process. The rock-breaking efficiency is higher than that of the flat-blade bit, and it can effectively avoid the occurrence of the rock-breaking process—blind spot. The cylindrical teeth of the ball-toothed bit are generally made of alloy column teeth, and their hardness is higher, so it is more wear-resistant than the slotted bit.


Under the same working conditions, the service life of the carbide button bit is longer, and the workload of regrinding is smaller, which shows a higher value in the working conditions of deep hole mining. Because in the deep hole excavation operation, it is very troublesome to replace the drill bit and it takes a lot of time, so the interval between repeated grinding must be as long as possible. It not only saves time but also saves a lot of manpower and material resources.


The ball-tooth drill bit has a long service life due to its passivization, and its non-grinding life is about 6 times that of the flat-blade drill bit. The use of the ball-tooth drill bit is beneficial to reducing man-hours and saving the physical and labor intensity of workers. The engineering speed is advantageously improved.


In summary, the ball-tooth bit has an increasingly important role and position in today's rock drilling operations. The research on accelerated ball-tooth drill bits has become an urgent matter.

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