The Introduction of Carbide Wear-resistance Bushing

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The Introduction of Carbide Wear-resistance Bushing

The Introduction of Carbide Wear-resistance Bushing

The Carbide wear-resistance bushings are mainly applied in punching and drawing. They are a type of tungsten carbide parts that play an important role in the industry. Cemented Carbide is widely used as cutting tools, wear parts, such as turning tools, milling cutters, mining and oil drilling bits, punching parts, and so on. Today, we will mainly learn the applications of carbide wear resistance bushings.

The main function of the carbide bushing is that the bushing is a type of component that protects the equipment. The use of the bushing can effectively reduce the wear between the punch or bearing and the equipment, and achieve a guiding function. In terms of stamping dies, carbide bushings are widely used because they are wear-resistant, have good smoothness, and do not need to be replaced frequently, thereby achieving higher utilization rates of equipment and personnel.

In terms of stretching, the carbide bushing mainly involves the stretching of some copper parts and stainless steel parts. Because the frequency of use is too high, it is easy to heat up and cause wear of the bushing, resulting in the displacement of the punch needle, dimensional errors of the product, and product Poor appearance.

As we all know, the exploration and drilling of natural resources such as oil and natural gas is a huge and complicated project, and the operating environment is extremely harsh. In order to ensure long service life and high efficiency of production equipment in such a terrible environment, it is necessary to equip it with high-quality accessories and parts. Tungsten Carbide wear resistance bushings have high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and good sealing properties, and play an irreplaceable and important role in these fields.

Carbide wear-resistant bushings are wear-resistant parts on equipment. Good logistics stability is the basic guarantee of wear resistance. It has high hardness, tensile strength, high compressive strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, and can be more durable. It can well meet the special requirements for friction and wear-resistant parts of all mechanical equipment in the mining process of oil, natural gas, and other industries, especially the precision production and use requirements of wear-resistant sealing parts. With good mirror finish and dimensional tolerance to meet the performance of mechanical seal wear-resistant parts, the physical properties of cemented carbide determine its suitable material requirements for shock resistance and shock absorption, which makes the requirements for precision mechanical parts better reflect the material's excellent performance. The improvement of tool material performance can promote production efficiency and improve the use requirements of production equipment. The good physical stability of cemented carbide is a tool material widely used in industrial mass production.

Many of the equipment used in the oil and gas industry operates in harsh environments and must withstand not only fast-moving fluids containing sand and other abrasive media but also corrosion hazards. Combining the above two factors, the oil and gas industry currently uses more carbide bushing accessories. The natural properties of carbide parts can resist this wear mechanism.

As a wear-resistant component in petroleum machinery wells, carbide bushings have high hardness, good wear resistance, and high smoothness. They are increasingly used in modern society to meet the needs of daily use and special properties. Some companies use spray welding technology to improve the durability and service life of carbide bushings.

The hardness of the spray-welded carbide bushing can reach HRC60 and has better wear resistance, which can meet the requirements of the petroleum machinery industry. However, the spray-welded carbide bushing needs to be turned to ensure the dimensions of the drawing: requirements and accuracy requirements.

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