The Story Between Our Sales and Customers

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The Story Between Our Sales and Customers

    Knew W was in the summer of 2013, my first year as overseas for tungsten carbide products. I got his contact from Alibaba. He sent me an inquiry for tungsten carbide inserts. I quoted him, he replied, then we bargain and soon we reached cooperation. The process of our discussion was so smooth and so fast, which gave me misunderstand that international trade is very easy. However, tungsten carbide CNC insert is are very complicated system. There is tungsten carbide turning inserts, threading inserts, grooving inserts, milling inserts, etc. There are so many sizes and types available, there are still different grades, different coatings. It is a total headache for me as then tungsten carbide CNC inserts is not our main selling items. I have to study the catalog which is over 2kgs by myself, I have to call the engineers and other experts for help time to time. From then, I know something about CNC inserts. Over 50% of my sales this year was contributed from CNC inserts.

    With my knowledge for tungsten carbide CNC inserts growing, the business between Walter and me is also growing. His demand from some certain items, growing to some custom design inserts. One day he sent me a drawing, an insert which they will consume over 50000pcs a year. He wanted to make some improvements on its inserts to make it last longer and improve productivity. This was a challengable work for me. I have to clearly translate what Walter told me to Chinese, then express it to our engineers. The machine's working speed, feed depth......All data are important for both of us. What we were doing is to improve the quality of the inserts, we had to consider all aspects, compare the original insert material, coating, grinding accuracy. Walter trust us and invest us in this project, we couldn’t fail him.

    The discussion process between us lasted 3 weeks, we collected sample inserts, machine working data, the working material performance, and the workpiece drawing. 10 days used to make a high precision mold for inserts, another 5 days we made the sample and ground them, the following 5 days we coated the new inserts and tested in our lab. Getting a good result we sent the samples to Walter to try the inserts on machines. 5 days after they received the inserts, they feedback to us that the new inserts worked very well, its performance is 15% more than the former insert! We were so proud of our work did! This was just our first sample batch, if we can make a little more improvement, that means we can improve the quality of the carbide inserts by over 20%! It was a very successful trial!

    To now, I worked in ZZbetter tungsten carbide company for over 8 years, I cooperated with Walter for over 8 years. I think can still work for a long time in the future. We built deep trust, satisfactory cooperation, and excellent communication, which are the most important factors to work together.

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