Tungsten Carbide Ball Blank

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Tungsten Carbide Ball Blank


Tungsten carbide balls have high hardness and high strength. Its alloy composition is mainly tungsten carbide WC and cobalt and also contains a minimal amount of iron, nickel, and other metal components. It is resistant to acid and alkali and does not rust. It has a wide range of uses. It can be used as a ball for high-end bearings, fish sinkers for fishing rods, ball valves in petroleum valve pumps, and cemented carbide measurement on inspection instruments—the wear-resistant parts of the instrument and other high-precision machinery with high requirements.


Cemented carbide ball grade information is as follows:

Grade YG6 YG6X YG8 YG10 YG15

WC% 94 94 92 90 85

Co% 6 6 8 10 85

Density 14.5-14.9 14.6-15.0 14.5-14.9 14.3-14.7 13.9-14.2

HRA 89.5 91 89.5 89.5 87

T.R.S (N/mm²) 1380 1500 1600 2200 2100

There are three types of cemented carbide balls, 

1. One is a carbide ball blank also called an unground carbide ball, These balls are made without any processing after sintering, and the surface is rough and cannot be directly used to make precision machinery or precision instruments. Besides, there are also 2 different carbide ball blanks, one is a carbide ball with a band around it, and another is without a band around it. 


2. The second is carbide ball after general ball milling, and its surface finish is higher than that of carbide ball blank, which can be used to make mechanical equipment, instruments, and valve bodies with low requirements. 

3. The third is to polish the carbide ball. The polished tungsten cemented carbide ball undergoes three processes of rough grinding, fine grinding, and polishing, and its surface roughness reaches a mirror effect. It can be used to make precision machinery, instruments, and meters that require high precision matching. With high hardness and high processing cost, its application range is limited to high-end, high-quality precision equipment.

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