Single-cut or Double-cut to Choose?

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Single-cut or Double-cut to Choose?


1. Carbide burrs processed into single-cut and double-cut

Tungsten carbide rotary burrs have different shapes and textures. 

It usually can be processed into single-cut and double-cut. Single-cut carbide burrs are one flute. It can be used for heavy stock removal, cleaning, milling, and deburring, while double-cut carbide burrs have more cutting edges and can remove material faster. The cut of these burrs will give you a fine surface after finishing. They are used in different applications, and we should choose the right type to match our work.


 2. The difference between single-cut and double-cut:

 Here are 4 main differences between single-cut and double-cut carbide burrs,

1) They are used in different materials

single-cut carbide burrs are more suitable for harder materials such as iron, steel, copper, and other metals, while the double-cut type is more suitable for softer materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic, etc.

2) The difference in chip extraction

Compared with single-cut, double-cut has a better chip extraction, because double-cut burr has much more groove.

3) The difference in surface smoothness

Surface smoothness is one of the important processing requirements. If your work needs a higher surface smoothness, you should choose double-cut carbide burrs.

4) The difference in operation experience

single-cut and double-cut carbide burrs also result in different operation experiences.


The single-cut type is harder to be controlled than the double-cut. So, if you are a new operator for single-cut carbide burrs, it is very easy to cause “Burrs Jumping” (which means you missed your cutting/polishing target and jumped to other places). However, double-cut is more steady and easier to be controlled because of the better chip extraction.

3. Conclusion:

All in all, if you are a beginner to use the carbide burr, you can start with double-cut rotary burrs. While you can use it skillfully, you can choose one to see which can better meet your needs. Such as single-cut burr for hard materials and double-cut burr for soft materials. For higher surface smoothness requirements I recommend a double-cut burr.

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