Tungsten Carbide Nozzles for PDC Drill Bits

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Tungsten Carbide Nozzles for PDC Drill Bits


The PDC drill bits, which feature a simple structure, high strength, high wear resistance, and high impact resistance, are the characteristics of the PDC bit nozzle and one of the three new technologies of drilling in the world in the 1980s. Diamond bit drilling is suitable for soft to medium-hard formations because of the advantages of long service life, less downtime, as well as a more consistent bore. 


The cemented carbide nozzle is one of the important components of the diamond drill bit. A tungsten carbide drill bit nozzle applys to flush, cool, and lubricate the tips of the drill bits. The carbide nozzles also can clean stone chips in the well bottom with drilling liquid in the working conditions of high pressure, vibration, sand, and slurry impacting during oil and natural gas prospecting. Carbide nozzles also have a hydraulic rock fragmentation effect. The conventional nozzle is cylindrical; it can produce a balanced pressure distribution on the rock surface.


The tungsten carbide nozzles are mainly used for fixed cutter bits and cone roller bits for cooling water and washing mud according to the drilling of the geographical environment. We will choose different water flow and hole sizes in the shape of the tungsten nozzles.


Types of the carbide nozzles

There are two main types of carbide nozzles for the drill bits. One is with thread, and the other is without thread. Carbide nozzles without thread are mainly used on the roller bit, carbide nozzles with thread are applied mostly on the PDC drill bit. According to different handling tool wrench, there are 6 types of threaded nozzles for PDC bits:

1. Cross groove thread nozzles

2. Plum blossom type thread nozzles

3. Outer hexagonal thread nozzles

4. Internal hexagonal thread nozzles

5. Y type (3 slot/grooves) thread nozzles

6. gear wheel drill bit nozzles and press fracturing nozzles.

ZZbetter carbide can produce most kinds of nozzle threads for PDC drill bits in the metric and imperial thread. Unified national coarse thread, fine thread, and special threads including precision grade 3, the highest accuracy in American standard. According to your requirements for the carbide bit, they can be designed with interchangeability.

We can not only produce standard tungsten carbide nozzles, but we also are able to produce customized nozzles according to the drawings or samples. Nozzles are available in a wide range of styles and size combinations for most down-hole drilling applications. Our field-tested grades are designed for maximum toughness and wear resistance in high-torque capacity applications. We can compound the special tungsten carbide material grade for you. We have the experience to produce different shapes and sizes of tungsten alloy nozzles.

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