ZZbetter Carbide Composite Rods

2022-07-12 Share

ZZbetter Carbide Composite Rods


We can't change the hardness of underground rock formations, we can't change the properties of steel, but we can protect our oil tools. To improve the life and efficiency of oil tools, you need good quality tungsten carbide composite rods.

How to choose cemented carbide welding rods?

Choose the one that is easy to apply, with good wear resistance, and that improves productivity.

The core of cemented carbide welding rod is cemented carbide crushed grains. Zhuzhou Better tungsten carbide welding rod only uses the carbide anvil as raw material. The crushing and sieving technology developed after 5 years of practice makes our cemented carbide crushed grits more round in appearance, which ensures the stable physical properties of cemented carbide composite rods. Together with the best of the best flux, the fluidity of the electrode is greatly increased. It can be easily used even by less experienced welders. Uniform and stable hardness of cemented carbide welding rods, more wear-resistant.

Ordinary cemented carbide welding electrodes use broken particles, which are generally all kinds of scrap alloys, such as round bars, molds, ball teeth, and even CNC blades. These miscellaneous scrap alloys vary in grades and properties. If these electrodes are used in oil tools, the tool will need to be repaired over time, greatly increasing the cost of wear and tear and time. Compared with ordinary hardfacing materials, using our electrodes can increase the service life by 300%-800%.

This is ZZbetter cemented carbide composite rod. The alloy particles are fully integrated with the solder, the particle size is complete, and the size of the electrode can be customized.

ZZbetter has always been committed to bringing better hard surface materials to more oil tool manufacturers and users.

Client feedback:

A Welder from an oil tools repair company in Russia: The cemented carbide composite rods used in the past have poor fluidity. It takes a lot of time to weld, and some are easy to fall off. ZZbetter cemented carbide welding rods are very easy to weld, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

A quality inspector from an oil drilling tools company:  Those drills use ZZbetter's welding rod. The alloy particles are very round. We have tested the hardness of these particles, which is basically above 87HRA, which can make our tools more stable. Also more durable.

Oil fishing worker: This junk mill grinds the junk very fast, saving at least 20% of the time.

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