Welding Technique of PDC

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Welding Technique of PDC


As our last article shows, according to the heating method, the brazing method can be divided into flame brazing, vacuum brazing, vacuum diffusion bonding, high-frequency induction brazing, laser beam welding, etc. In this article let’s continue this top and come to high-frequency induction brazing, and laser beam welding. 

PDC high-frequency induction brazing 

High-frequency induction brazing uses electromagnetic induction to convert electromagnetic energy into heat energy in the brazing filler metal and workpiece, heating the brazing filler metal to a molten state. PDC's high-frequency induction brazing process is the key technology for brazing PDC cutting tools.

The advantage of PDC high-frequency induction brazing:

1.    the heating speed is fast, which can reduce the burning loss of the PDC polycrystalline diamond layer and the oxidation degree of the cemented carbide

2.    ensure the dimensional accuracy of the parts

3.    almost no environmental pollution

4.    easy to realize production automation. 

PDC laser beam welding 

Laser Beam Welding uses a high energy density laser beam as a heat source, by controlling the laser pulse width, energy, peak power, repetition frequency, and other parameters to make the workpiece reach a certain depth of the molten pool, while the surface has no obvious vaporization, so welding can be carried out. 

The power density of the laser beam can reach 10 9 W /cm 2. Due to the high power density, small holes are formed in the metal material during the welding process. 

The laser energy is transmitted to the deep part of the workpiece through the small holes, reducing the lateral diffusion and the fusion depth of the material. 

The features of laser beam welding:

1.    large fusion depth of the material, fast welding speed, and large welding area per unit time

2.    deep and narrow weld seam, small heat-affected zone, and welding deformation.

Using the laser to weld PDC, the obtained welded joint has high strength, up to 1 800 MPa, and won’t damage the diamond layer. It is an ideal PDC welding method, which is mostly used for diamond circular saw blades welding.

The research and promotion of PDC have greatly improved the cutting ability of drill bits and tools and compared with natural diamond, it has a good cost performance. Considering the performance requirements and cost of PDC, an appropriate welding process can be selected.


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