Ultrasonic testing of PDC Cutter

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Ultrasonic testing of PDC Cutter 


The internal quality of PDC cutters ((Polycrystalline diamond compact) has always been a concern of PDC manufacturers and users. As a new type of super-hard material product, PDC cutters are expanding in production. How to better detect the internal quality of PDC cutters and produce more reliable products has become a new problem that needs to be solved for PDC manufacturers. As far as is known, the ultrasonic testing method is currently used to detect the internal quality of the PDC insert.

Using ultrasonic to detect the internal quality of PDC is a process of flaw detection using ultrasonic technology. To the PDC cutter, generally used in the mining industry, we can use the ultrasonic A-scan inspection method to inspect these defects.

Now the main application of the PDC cutter is in the field of oil and gas drilling. The PDC cutters used in this field generally have higher requirements on quality. It is very difficult to detect the delamination at the interface between diamond and cemented carbide, so the manufacturer has begun to explore the use of new detection methods to detect the sintering of the interface. That’s the C scanning ultrasonic testing method.

Ultrasonic C-Scanning: With a C-scanning system, an ultrasonic wave at 0.2~800MHz could penetrate the PDC layer and detect its delamination or cavity defect. A c-scanning system could find out the size and position of defects and show them on the PC screen. Ultrasonic C-scanning is an effective method to inspect the quality of PDC cutters.


The super-abrasives division of GE Company said that all PDC cutters they produced must be inspected by C-scanning before they are sent to customers.

Zzbetter customers deserve the best. All our PDC cutters for oil drilling have been inspected by Ultrasonic C-scanning. From the quality, inspection, packaging, and delivery to technical support, we offer you an A+ customer experience. 

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