3 Types of Drills as Mining Tool

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3 Types of Drills as Mining Tool


Tungsten Carbide Buttons are world-spread tools in modern industry. Because of its high-temperature and high-pressure resistance, tungsten carbide buttons are attached to various drill bits. So these drill bits become the preferred materials in oil fields, mines, or construction spots. In this article, three kinds of drill bits will be introduced. They are round shank bits, coal cutter picks, and rotary excavating teeth. They share a similar manufacturing process and advantage and have their characteristics and applications.


As a tool used for mining, boring, and digging, drill bits are combined with tungsten carbide buttons, one of the hardest materials in the world. Factories always purchase high-quality body teeth first. Then workers clad a layer of super wear-resistance material with plasma cladding strengthening technology. With the wear-resistance layer, the body tooth will not be damaged easily. After that, workers weld the body tooth with cemented carbide buttons. After heat retreatment and shot blasting, a drill bit finished.

Characteristics and Applications

1. Round Shank Bits

A round shank bit usually consists of a body tooth and a tungsten carbide button. To bore a tunnel as a part of the roadheader machine, round shank bits are welded on the cutting head with tooth seats. Round shank bits are seen in boring before mining coal and non-metallic minerals. They can also be equipped with other shearers, boring machines, and milling machines and used for ground trenching and excavating.


2. Coal Cutter Picks

Coal cutter picks are produced as a mining tool as well as foundation drilling tools, road milling tools, and trenching tools. They can be equipped with a road milling drum, mining machine, trenching machine, and longwall shearer drum and be applied to all kinds of soft and hard soil, rock, and concrete layer. During the mining, the thicker coal layer asks longer coal cutter pick.

3. Rotary Excavating Tooth

Rotary excavating tooth always has a circlip on it. It can be equipped with a rotary drilling rig and be applied to various situations, especially for urban construction.



1. Tungsten carbide button bits inserted on the drill bits have the properties of high strength, high wear resistance, high abrasion and impact resistance, and durability;

2. Its heavy body can produce high impact during working to increase work productivity;

3. Its excellent rotation can perform well and decrease wear;

4. As to the cost, these drill bits are excellent and cost-effective. Applying these drill bits can improve productivity and reduce downtime and production costs.

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