What Are Tungsten Carbide Studs For HPGR?

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 What Are Tungsten Carbide Studs For HPGR?


Tungsten carbide studs are also called cemented carbide studs, carbide buttons, and carbide tips, which are widely used for high-pressure grinding rollers. Carbide studs are used for high-pressure grinding roller for breaking cement raw materials, clinker, iron ore, copper, diamond, and quartz. The lifetime can reach 8000-30000 hours according to different grades by different applications.


Cemented carbide studs as the core part of vertical impact crusher (sandstone equipment ) are widely used in mining, sand and gravel, cement, metallurgy, hydropower engineering, and other industries, which ask for products to withstand high-speed impact and strong wear resistance, and using cemented carbide is an ideal choice. High-Pressure Grinding Roller is energy-efficient crushing equipment of new technologies. The high performance of the carbide stud extends the life of High-Pressure Grinding Roller. ZZBETTER provides quality carbide studs with good wear resistance and high compressive strength, which can satisfy the requirements of different conditions.


There are three main types of core components of the HPGR: PTA layer roller surface, centrifugal casting composite roller surface, and stud roller surface. The disadvantage for the first two types is that the roller surface will be subjected to severe impact due to the direct contact of the roller with the material under the action of strong extrusion force (generally 50-300MPa). The abrasive grains and furrows wear, and at the same time, the roller surface will produce squeeze pits. These accumulated pits will cause the fatigue wear of the roller surface material, which seriously affects the normal operation of the equipment.

The stud roller surface of the base body is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has high hardness after quenching and tempering. The wear-resistant layer is made of tungsten-cobalt hard alloy studs and inlaid on the body. Generally, up to HRC67 or higher, the hardness is much higher than the PTA layer roller surface and the centrifugal casting composite roll surface. The matrix of the stud roller surface can be protected by the material lining formed. Tungsten carbide studs roller has a service life over 6 times longer than that of the surfacing roller surface, which can save energy, protect the environment, increase work efficiency, and low cost.


Production technology features of carbide studs for HPGR :

1. Hemispherical to protect the studs from being destroyed by stress concentration.

2. Round edges protect the studs from being damaged during production, transportation, installment, and use.

3. HIP sintering ensure good compactness and high toughness for the products.

4. Special technology to eliminate the surface stress after surface grinding and increase the surface hardness.

5. Grease is used on the surface of the products to avoid oxidization.

ZZBETTER’s carbide studs for HPGR 

-100% virgin raw materials, stable chemical properties, long working life.

- High hardness, good toughness, excellent wear resistance.

- Various sizes and full types are available

- Products can be customized upon the requirement



Packing of our carbide studs for HPGR

step 1, wrapped carbide stud in paper to avoid carbide stud pins being broken

step 2, put the carbide stud pins in the inner small carton box

step 3, put the inner box into the outer carton and fill the carton with foamed plastic

step 4, wrap the carton with packaging tape


We encourage you to use our carbide studs for high-pressure grinding rollers, as we have plenty of experience and are constantly adapting and developing the processes.


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