What Is Tungsten Carbide Wear Inserts

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What Is Tungsten Carbide Wear Inserts


Tungsten carbide wear inserts are also named tungsten carbide fishing and milling inserts, carbide insert blanks, carbide tiles, and cemented carbide shaped inserts. They are made from tungsten carbide material in special grades.

The shapes of the carbide wear inserts

For different applications, there are a variety of designs and shapes of the inserts. The popular designs and shapes are as follows.

Trapezoidal Inserts

Rectangular Inserts

Round Insets 

Half-round Inserts

Square Inserts

Triangle Inserts

Half-Versions Inserts

Octagon Inserts

Oval Inserts

Shark Inserts

Star Inserts


To make the carbide Brick Inserts easy to apply on the tools, some suppliers will paste them on clear plastic or an adhesive paper with precisely spaced wear protection inserts. They call it ready tip inserts sheets. They always apply to stabilizers.

The grades of the carbide wear inserts

The main applications of the carbide wear insets are fishing and milling, drilling. To have outstanding wear and impact resistance, they will be produced in special grades. Generally, there are two series grades, cutting grade and wear grade.

For some tools, they have to be non-magnetic, so the carbide tile inserts need to be produced in non-magnetic grade.

The applications of the carbide wear inserts

Cemented carbide fishing and milling inserts are designed to improve milling, fishing, drilling efficiency, and rates of penetration in a wide variety of rock formations and obstructions. They are also be welded on the oil-field and mining drill bits, mounted, around the drill bit, to prevent excessive wear on the outer diameter of the bit and extend its service life. Those tools are oil fishing tools, stabilizers, Thru-Tubing Mills, and so on. 


The advantage of the carbide wear pads

Increasing wear protection, prolonging tool life

Increasing drilling efficiency

Maximize your drilling processes and performance

All of ZZbetter tungsten carbide fishing & milling inserts are manufactured in our special grade, providing a heavy-duty metal cutting grade of tungsten carbide. Its extreme toughness is well suited to downhole applications, providing excellent performance when cutting steel.

The Grades and designs are tailored to each customer based on individual needs and requirements. Our inserts have the right combination of hardness and toughness with excellent brazability for a variety of tool geometries.



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