5 Reasons for Choosing Waterjet Cutting

2022-11-21 Share

5 Reasons for Choosing Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet cutting is common in manufacturing various materials, such as plastics, fiber, rubber, glass, carbon, and even food. So why is waterjet technology suitable for precision cutting? There are 5 reasons that will be talked about.

1. Range of Materials

2. Thickness and shape-cutting capabilities

3. Cost-effectiveness

4. Variety of Waterjet Cutting Methods

5. Superior Edge Quality

Range of materials

Waterjet cutting can be used for many types of materials, including metals, naturals, composites, plastics, and rubbers. Metals, including hardened tool steel, aluminum, titanium, carbide steel, copper, and the like, can be cut with a waterjet cutter. Materials like glass, stone, wood, leather, and ceramics, belong to natural materials. Waterjet cutting can cut composites, including carbon fiber, fiberglass, and the like quickly and cleanly without drawbacks. Waterjet cutting allows for efficient and precise cutting of plastic and rubber materials such as foam, rubber, linoleum, polycarbonates, and acrylic. By applying waterjet cutting, the factory can avoid the deformation of materials. This is one of the most attractive capabilities.

Thickness and shape-cutting capabilities

Waterjet cutting performance will not be limited by the material thickness. Waterjet cutters create a needle-thin cutting stream that can cut almost any shape and thickness, eliminating the need for additional machinery. This in turn reduces manufacturing costs and the amount of space needed.


Waterjet cutting is able to make products quicker and with fewer excess materials, which also contributes to a much more cost-effective product. Waterjet cutting also eliminates the need for edge cleanup, which makes the parts ready to use immediately, making it more convenient for labor. This significantly accelerates the custom-cutting process and saves time, contributing to an overall increase in efficiency.

Variety of waterjet cutting methods

There are two kinds of waterjet cutting methods. One is pure waterjet cutting, which is suitable for cutting soft materials, such as food, foam, paper, and plastics. Pure waterjet cutting is an environmentally friendly method because its main byproduct, recyclable water, is pure. Another method is abrasive water cutting, which is more suitable for hard materials such as metal, marble, and composites because there are abrasive substances added to the water.

Superior edge quality

Cutting with a waterjet can produce a smooth edge with no burn marks, cracks, or excess burrs. Since waterjet cutting is a cold-cutting method, there are no heat-affected zones that can cause harm to the materials. In many cases, waterjet cutting also eliminates the need for secondary finishing which creates significant time savings and improves efficiency.

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