Brief Introduction of Taper Button Drill Bits

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Brief Introduction of Taper Button Drill Bits


Tungsten carbide buttons are used to be inserted in various types of drill bits, such as mono-cone drill bits, double-cone drill bits, tri-cone drill bits, DTH drill bits, percussion drill bits, top hammer rock drill bits, and so on. Taper button drill bits are one of them. And in this article, you can get some information about taper button drill bits.


What are taper button drill bits?

Taper button drill bits are made of steel and tungsten carbide. According to the tungsten carbide buttons on them, taper button bits can be divided into different types, such as hemispherical buttons, conical buttons, parabolic buttons, and so on. Taper button drill bits with hemispherical buttons are for high bearing capacity and abrasive resistance, while conical buttons and parabolic buttons are for high drilling speed and low abrasive resistance. With tungsten carbide buttons hot pressed on the drill body, taper button drill bits have a good drilling performance.

Taper button drill bits apply high technology. They can save much drilling time and have high drilling efficiency. That’s the reason why taper button drill bits are popular among users.


Advantages of taper button drill bis

1. Taper button drill bits can increase the rate of penetration;

2. Taper button drill bits can work for a long time;

3. Taper button drill bits have lower drilling costs;

And so on.


Application of taper button drill bits

Taper button drill bits in different diameters and taper degrees are available to suit different applications in mining, quarrying, tunneling, and construction. Taper button drill bits can be used for air-leg rock drills and hand-held jack hammer drills.


Taper button drill bit wear

When taper button drill bits are sharp, they can achieve the maximum rate of penetration and result in effective rock fracture by transferring the percussive energy into the rock at their optimum.

If the buttons on the taper button drill bits are flat, the productivity and rate of penetration will decrease. In this situation, much of the rock in contact with the buttons needs to be drilled again and again. Smaller rock chips are produced. Top hammer button bits that are over-drilled result in broken buttons and influence drilling productivity.


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