YG11---Tungsten Carbide Buttons

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YG11---Tungsten Carbide Buttons


We have talked about three grades in detail before, they are YG4, YG6, and YG8. This article will be the last one to talk about grades in detail. And in today’s article, you can learn some information about YG11 tungsten carbide buttons. As the articles before, you can learn from the following aspects:

1. What are YG11 tungsten carbide buttons?

2. Properties of YG11 tungsten carbide buttons;

3. Manufacturing of YG11 tungsten carbide buttons;

4. Application of YG11 tungsten carbide buttons;


What are YG11 tungsten carbide buttons?

YG11 tungsten carbide buttons are one of the common tungsten carbide buttons, which contains 11% cobalt powder in tungsten carbide powder. 

For a more detailed explanation of the grade, you can look through the article about YG4C tungsten carbide buttons.


Properties of YG11 tungsten carbide buttons

Like the tungsten carbide buttons in other grades, YG11 also has high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and can work for a long time. In the mining fields and oil fields, the YG11C is applied more widely than YG11 tungsten carbide buttons. YG11C has a more coarse grain size than YG11, so the hardness of YG11C is lower than that of YG11. And the hardness of YG11C is around 86.5 HRA. The density of YG11C tungsten carbide is around 14.4 g/cm3 and the transverse rupture strength is about 2700 Mpa. 


Manufacturing of YG11 tungsten carbide buttons

1. Prepare 100% high-quality raw material tungsten carbide powder;

2. Mix the tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder. 11% of cobalt powder is added in it;

3. Wet mill in the ball milling machine with some liquid and ethanol;

4. Spray dry;

5. Compact into different sizes;

6. Sinter in the sintering furnace;

7. Final quality check;

8. Pack carefully.


Application of YG11 tungsten carbide buttons

YG11 tungsten carbide buttons can be used as ball teeth for impact drills, as wheel drills for cutting high hardness materials, and as inserts for rotary percussive bits. They can also be applied to be inserted on heavy rock drills, coal cutting bits, tri-cone bits, impact bits, roller bits, and percussion bits to cut hard and medium-hard materials.


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