Four Main Stages of Tungsten Carbide Heat Treatment

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Four Main Stages of Tungsten Carbide Heat Treatment


Tungsten carbide has high performance with excellent mechanical and physical properties, including high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bending strength, torsion strength, etc., widely used for cutting tools, cold molds, wear parts, etc. The article also briefly introduces the four main stages of tungsten carbide heat treatment, which can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the hard alloy.

The heat treatment process of tungsten carbide can be divided into four main steps.

1. Removal of molding material and pre-sintering

At the initial stage of sintering, the forming agent gradually decomposes or evaporates, excluding the sintered body, at the same time, the forming agents carburize the sintering, and the amount of carbon will vary depending on the type, amount, and process of sintering. Powder surface oxide is reduced, and hydrogen can reduce cobalt and tungsten oxides at the sintering temperature. With a weak reaction between carbon and oxygen, the contact stress between the powder particles is gradually removed. The bonding metal powder begins to respond and recrystallization and surface diffusion begin to occur. Block strength increased.

2. Stage of solid-phase sintering (800°C - eutectic temperature)

In the presence of a liquid phase, in addition to the process of continuing the previous stage, solid-phase reactions and diffusion are aggravated with an increase in plastic flow, and a clear shrinkage appears in the sintered body.

3. Stage of liquid-phase sintering (eutectic temperature - sintering temperature)

When the liquid phase of the sintered body occurs, the compression is quickly completed, and then a crystallization transition occurs. The basic organization and structure of the carbide are formed.

4. Cooling stage (sintering temperature - room temperature)

At this stage, the organizational and phase components of tungsten carbide undergo certain changes under various cooling conditions, which makes it possible to use this feature; heat treatment of the hard alloy will improve its physical and mechanical characteristics.

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