How to Maintain Carbide Molds

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How to Maintain Carbide Molds

How to Maintain Carbide Molds

The later maintenance and upkeep of cemented carbide molds is a key measure to ensure long-term stable operation of the carbide mold and extend its service life. The following are the key points of to maintain carbide molds.

1. Clean the sureface of the carbide mold: Regularly check and clean both the external and internal surfaces of the carbide mold. Use a mild detergent and a soft mop to clean. It is very important to avoid using cleaners with acidic or alkaline ingredients. Because they can damage the surface of the product.

2.Apply rust inhibitor regularly: During storage and transportation process, carbide molds are susceptible to get oxidation and corrosion . The use of anti-rust agents can effectively prevent mold corrosion and extend the service life of the carbide mold. It is necessary to remember every corner of the carbide molds when applying the rust inhibitor.

3. Regularly check carbide molds: Regularly check the whether there are any cracks or other damages on the carbide molds, repair and replace damaged parts in a timely manner. To prevent further damager, workers must recorde and deal with the problem immediately!

4. Mold storage and maintenance: When the mold is stopped being used, it should be properly stored and maintained. First, clean the mold and apply a layer of anti-rust agent, and then package and store it according to the prescribed methods to avoid moisture, vibration and external damage.

5. Improve the working environment of the mold: The mold needs to maintain a dry and clean working environment when working to avoid the intrusion of harmful factors such as dust and water vapor. Corresponding workplaces should be established, the environment should be maintained at a suitable temperature and humidity, and regular cleaning and maintenance should be carried out.

6. Pay attention to the use and operation of the mold: When using carbide molds, pay attention to the correct usage and operating techniques to avoid mold damage caused by errors and improper operations. Operators should receive professional training and work in accordance with operating procedures to improve the efficiency and safety of the mold.

7. Maintain the tool part: The tool part in the carbide mold is susceptible to wear and damage. The cutting tools should be inspected and maintained regularly, and the residue on the cutting tools should be cleaned in time to ensure the normal operation and extended life of the cutting tools.

8. Perform regular repairs and maintenance: Carbide molds may have various problems after being used for a period of time, such as looseness, deformation, and wear. Mold repairs and maintenance must be carried out regularly, including repair of lubricating coatings, inspection and replacement of fasteners, etc. Find and solve problems in time to ensure long-term stable operation of the mold.

To sum up, the post-maintenance and maintenance of cemented carbide molds are important measures to ensure the normal operation of the mold and extend its service life. Through regular cleaning, applying rust inhibitor, checking for damage, storage and maintenance, improving the working environment, paying attention to correct operation, maintaining tools and regular maintenance, the good working condition of the mold can be ensured and the service life can be extended.

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