How to Repair Cemented Carbide Mold?

2022-11-18 Share

How to Repair Cemented Carbide Mold?


Carbide molds are precision tools that are expensive. Keeping carbide molds in good condition can help assure the quality of the workpiece. But how to repair the carbide molds when it is damaged? Let us talk about some methods to repair carbide mold.

Cemented carbide molds include four broad categories of standards. They are basic mold standards, mold process quality standards, mold parts standards, and technical standards related to mold production.

Mold standards can be divided into ten categories according to different types of molds. Such as stamping die standards, plastic injection dies standards, die-casting die standards, etc.

According to the market demand, many enterprises not only produce mold-standard parts according to Chinese standards but also produce mold-standard parts according to the standards of foreign advanced enterprises.

No matter what type of cemented carbide mold, the internal parts of them will gradually wear out and damaged after using it for a period of time. Then the damaged internal parts will cause the performance and precision of the cemented carbide mold to decrease. The operator’s carelessness and improper use will also cause the cemented carbide mold to be damaged or the product quality to decline. If operators know the relevant mold repair technology and have the ability to handle or fix the situation immediately, they can help restore the carbide molds to normal use as soon as possible. In addition, fixing it in time can prevent further damage and failures can be avoided to the greatest extent. 

To ensure the quality of the workpiece, it is important for us to repair the damaged cemented carbide molds in time. Moreover, we need to maintain the cemented carbide molds regularly to prolong their service life.

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