Pure Waterjet Cutting VS Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

2022-11-18 Share

Pure Waterjet Cutting VS Abrasive Waterjet Cutting


Pure waterjet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting are two different types of waterjet cutting. It seems like that abrasive waterjet cutting is adding some abrasive based on pure waterjet cutting. Is this opinion right? Let’s read this article and find the answer to this question. 


What is pure waterjet cutting?

Pure waterjet cutting is a cutting process only water is applied. This does not require the addition of an abrasive but rather uses a pure water jet stream to cut. During the pure waterjet cutting, the water flow generates great pressure and water to the materials. This cutting method is often used to cut softer materials like wood, rubber, fabrics, metal, foils, and the like. An important application of pure waterjet cutting is the food industry, where strict health regulations governing the industry can be met by using pure water without abrasive additives.


What is abrasive water cutting?

Abrasive waterjet cutting can be used to cut thick and hard materials, such as glass, metal, stone, ceramics, carbon, and so on. Abrasive added in the water can increase the speed and cutting power of the water jet stream. The abrasive materials can be garnet and added to the water stream via a mixing chamber within the cutting head.


Differences between pure waterjet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting

The main differences between these two cutting processes are primarily their content, work equipment, and work material. 

1. Content

The abrasive cutting process uses a mixture of water and an abrasive substance to cut, which gives the process a boost to tackle harder and thicker materials, while pure waterjet cutting uses water only.

2. Work equipment

Compared with pure waterjet cutting, abrasive requires more equipment for adding abrasive substances.

3. Work material

The pure water jet cutter is able to deal with light and hygiene-sensitive materials, such as plastics and food, while abrasive water jet cutting can be used for thicker and harder materials, such as glass and carbon.


It is very important to understand what’s the difference between both abrasive and pure water jets, which can help you to make the best decision when choosing the correct tools for your projects. 

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