Introduction of ZZBETTER Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools

2022-11-03 Share

Introduction of ZZBETTER Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools


Are you worried about the wear and fall out of your tungsten carbide? We have to face different stones with different hardness and different weathering degrees of different rock layers. When we are looking for tungsten carbide buttons for the best choices, we not only have to consider the above elements but also think of the situation of the tungsten carbide on the drill bit.

So how to choose the most suitable tungsten carbide buttons for your drill bits? I think ZZBETTER can give you the best answer.

Zhuzhou Tungsten Carbide Co, Ltd. Is committed to producing high-quality tungsten carbide mining tools. We adopt 100% purified tungsten carbide powder as the virgin raw materials and add a certain amount of cobalt powder as the binding phase according to the different grades that customers required. We will be strict with every single procedure of manufacturing tungsten carbide buttons, from mixing, milling, pressing, and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) sintering. The finished products will be sent to you after a series of inspections, such as hardness, wear resistance, and metallurgical structure.

When you purchase ZZBETTER tungsten carbide buttons, you can not only attain high-quality tungsten carbide products, but also professional service from ZZBETTER. If you find it difficult to choose suitable tungsten carbide mining tools, you can tell us your requirement and the condition you are going to apply the tungsten carbide, and we will recommend you the most suitable grade and shape for you. You can also provide your designed drawings. Your feedback about the tungsten carbide buttons is welcome!

ZZBETTER is such a company, that regard high-quality as our aim. And we will innovate continuously to provide you with better products.

You don’t have to worry about the abnormal falling down and wear about the tungsten carbide buttons. During working, you will find that ZZBETTER tungsten carbide can help you work more comfortably and smoothly. The working surface of the tungsten carbide will not generate much heat. Of course, you can ask us at any time.

If you haven’t used ZZBETTER tungsten carbide products, please don’t hesitate to try them. We are committed to giving you the best purchasing experience. 

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