Thank Your Tungsten Carbide Buttons For These Great Benefit

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Thank Your Tungsten Carbide Buttons For These Great Benefit



Tungsten carbide buttons are one kind of tungsten carbide product, which is a famous tool in oil fields, mining fields, and construction. 

How do your tungsten carbide buttons work?

Tungsten carbide buttons are mainly used for mining, cutting, tunneling, digging, and some other process. They can be inserted in drill bits by hot forging or cold pressing. ZZBETTER has many kinds of tungsten carbide buttons. Different types of tungsten carbide buttons can be used in different types of tungsten carbide drill bits. Tungsten carbide conical buttons can be used in mining drill bits, coal mining bits, conjoined electric rock drill bits, coal cutting picks, and rock drilling hammer bits. Cemented carbide parabolic buttons can be inserted in tricone bits, DTH drill button bits, and mono-cone bits. Tungsten carbide ball buttons can be inserted in drill bits for rotary percussion drilling, DTH drill button bits, and oil cone bits. Tungsten carbide wedge buttons are widely used in tricone bits, oil cone bits, mono-cone bits, and double-cone bits. 


Why you should thank your tungsten carbide buttons?

Tungsten carbide buttons are made of tungsten carbide and binders like cobalt powder and nickel powder, so tungsten carbide buttons have many good properties from tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide buttons can be heat-resistant, wear-resistant, high hardness, high strength, high impact strength, and so on. 

Hardness is an important property of tungsten carbide, which is tested by the Rockwell Hardness Tester. The hardness of tungsten carbide buttons can reach 90HRC. Tungsten carbide has high heat resistance, and it can keep its performance under 500℃, and even under 900℃. Tungsten carbide buttons have to be confronted with high temperatures during work because they will make friction between rocks or minerals. 

Besides these, tungsten carbide buttons also have the low thermal expansion, so they are not easy to deform during work. 

What’s more, tungsten carbide buttons have good corrosion resistance. This property of tungsten carbide is useful when exposed to corrosive substances likely, such as water, acids, or solvents.


Rely on ZZBETTER today

ZZBETTER is a professional manufacturer of cemented carbide products. We have a tech team to manufacture cemented carbide buttons, cemented carbide blades, cemented carbide inserts, cemented carbide rods, cemented carbide plates, cemented carbide dies, and so on.

ZZBETTER can provide you with high-quality tungsten carbide products with the following advantages:

1. Excellent thermal stability and high-temperature resistance.

2. Keeping high mechanical temperature.

3. Good thermal shock resistance.

4. Excellent oxidation control.

5. Corrosion resistance at high temperatures.

6. Excellent anti-chemical corrosion resistance.

7. High Wear resistance.

8. Long service life

9. 100% raw material tungsten carbide.

10. Sintered in the HIP furnace

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