Coatings of Tungsten Carbide End Mills

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Coatings of Tungsten Carbide End Mills


Tungsten carbide end mills are made from high-quality tungsten carbide round rods. As tungsten carbide is a kind of high-hardness material in modern industry and has the properties of high resistance and durability, tungsten carbide end mills are also a kind of powerful cutting tool with great properties. Although tungsten carbide end mills are made from tungsten carbide which is well-known as one of the hardest materials in the world, the coatings of tungsten carbide end mills can protect them from abrasive wear and can prolong the service life of tungsten carbide end mill. Coating tungsten carbide end mill is a cheap method to improve their properties of them. In this article, several common coatings will be introduced.

1. TiN (Titanium Nitride)

TiN coatings have the properties of high wear resistance, and thermal stability. They are suitable for end mills for cutting stainless steel, cast iron, and general use.

2. TiCN (Titanium Carbon Nitride)

Titanium Carbon Nitride can be used as the coating of end mills that are applied for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, high-silicon alloys, and other hard and abrasive materials because of its high toughness and resistance. 

3. AlTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride)

AlTiN is a dark purple coating on the end mills. They are good at manufacturing stainless steel, titanium, alloy steel, mold steel, nickel alloys, and cast iron with the properties of high hardness, high resistance to wear, and high temperature.

4. TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride)

Titanium Aluminum Nitride has the properties of high hardness, low electrical conductivity, and low thermal conductivity, so they are perfect coatings for end mills to cut high-hardness and high-temperature materials, like hard die steels.

5. DLC coating (Diamond-Like Carbon coating)

Except for Basic coatings like TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, and TiAlN, there is a kind of new coatings named DLC coatings, which can improve the wear resistance of the end mills and has higher hardness than the basic coatings. The DLC coatings can also increase the service life.

The best choice of a tungsten carbide end mill is to choose the most suitable one, which can balance the cost and function at the same time.

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