PDC Drill Bit Welding Reference

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PDC Drill Bit Welding Reference


PDC drill bit must maintain high hardness, high impact toughness, good thermal shock resistance, and good corrosion resistance. The primary process of flame brazing includes pre-welding treatment, heating, heat preservation, cooling, and post-welding treatment. 

Work before PDC bit welding

1: sandblast and clean the PDC cutter

2: sandblast and clean the drill bit body (wipe with alcohol cotton ball)

3: Prepare solder and flux (we generally use 40% silver solder)

Note: the PDC cutter and drill bit must not be stained with oil


Welding of PDC cutter

1: Apply flux to the place where the PDC cutter needs to be welded on the bit body

2: Put the bit body into the intermediate frequency furnace to preheat

3: After preheating, use the flame gun to heat the bit body

4: Dissolve the solder in the PDC recess and heat it until the solder melts

5: Put the PDC into the concave hole, continue to heat the drill bit body until the solder is melted and flowed and overflowed, and slowly jog and rotate the PDC during the soldering process. (The purpose is to exhaust gas and make the welding surface more uniform)

6: Do not use a flame gun to heat the PDC cutter during the welding process, heat the bit body or around the PDC, and let the heat slowly conduct to the PDC. (Minimize the thermal damage of PDC)

7. The welding temperature must be controlled below 700°C during the welding process. Usually is 600~650℃。

After the drill bit is welded

1: After the drill is welded put the PDC drill bit into the heat preservation place in time, and the temperature of the drill is slowly cooled.

2: Cool the drill bit to 50-60°, take out the drill bit, sandblast and polish it. carefully check whether the PDC welding place is welded firmly and whether the PDC is welded damaged.


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