​PDC Cutter for Chain Saw Cutting Machine

2022-06-25 Share

PDC Cutter for Chain Saw Cutting Machine


Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters play a key role in the performance of PDC bits in oil & gas drilling. PDC cutters are also known as PDC teeth, PDC bits, and PDC inserts, which are a kind of superhard material.

The PDC cutters consist of a Polycrystalline Diamond layer and carbide substrate. PDC cutters are sintered under ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature and feature high hardness and high impact resistance.

Due to its high hardness and impact resistance, the PDC cutter is widely used in drilling geothermal energy, mining, water well drilling, natural gas drilling, and oil well drilling. 

Do you know it can also be used for marble cutting?

Marble, a common building decoration material in our lives, is very difficult to mine, as you may know, a piece of rough stone weighs dozens of tons or even hundreds of tons. If it is mined by man power, the efficiency will be very low.


In order to improve the efficiency of mining, Many machines have been designed, built, and used to improve mining efficiency, among which the chainsaw cutting machine is a very special one. This machine can cut the rough stone vertically or horizontally, similar to a giant chainsaw, except that it is used to cut stones. It’s widely used in the extraction of natural stone and decorative stone. Even marble and other very hard stones can be cut properly.

The PDC cutters are used to fix on the chain saw holder as a trend this few years, widely used in marble quarries. 

These PDC cutters are different from the normal flat ones. It has a little tail so it can be fixed on the chain saw holder. The normally used size is PDC cutter 1308 and 1313.


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