The Importance of Choosing Carbide Grades Correctly

2022-11-11 Share

The Importance of Choosing Carbide Grades Correctly


Choosing the right cemented carbide grades is one of the very important factors to ensure the cemented carbide can be effectively used. So how should we choose the cemented carbide grade correctly? Here are some points people should pay attention to when choosing the right cemented carbide grades.

1. Knowing the physical and mechanical properties of rocks, such as hardness, friction, etc. 

2. Know the models of jack drill and do some research on how to break the rock.

3. The capabilities of the equipment.

When choosing the grades of cemented carbide, besides knowing the firmness coefficient of the rock, it is also important to consider the conditions of cemented carbide. 

Applications of different grades of cemented carbide:

For large-diameter cemented carbide drill bits with side punching and milling, in-line cemented carbide drill bits and in-line cemented carbide drill bits. It is more often to choose K0-type cemented carbide.

Choosing the cemented carbide grades according to the friction of rocks.

Choosing the cemented carbide grades reasonably.

After careful study of the characteristics of cemented carbide and the wear resistance while the use of cemented carbide, people designed the cemented carbide grades for the mining tools we use today. These grades have been proven to be reasonable after years of using cemented carbide mining tool grades. When choosing a cemented carbide model, we must pay attention to the application of the alloy.

The selection principle of cemented carbide sheet is to ensure that the diameter and height of the cemented carbide drill bit are suitable for wear. That is to say, the height and diameter of cemented carbide drill bits can meet this standard at the same time. The height at which the carbide sheet cannot be used is generally 5 mm. When designing the size of the cemented carbide sheet, the height of the alloy sheet should be maximized. In this way, the cost of manufacturing carbide drill bits is shared with multiple grindings, and deeper holes can be drilled.

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