Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools

2022-11-11 Share

Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools


The raw materials of cemented carbide mining tools are basically WC-Co alloys, and most of them are two-phase alloys, mainly used are coarse-grained alloys. According to different rock drilling tools, different rock hardness, or different parts of the drill bit, the wear degree of mining tools is different. The average WC grain size and cobalt content are also different. Today, let's take a look at different types of cemented carbide mining tools and what are the advantages of them.

Not just requiring high purity of raw materials, tungsten carbide mining tools also have strict requirements for the total carbon and free carbon of WC. The production process of the tungsten carbide mining tool is relatively stable and mature. Paraffin is generally used as a forming agent for vacuum dewaxing, hydrogen dewaxing, and vacuum sintering.

Carbide mining tools are used for engineering geology, oil extraction, mining, and civil construction. Like traditional mining tools and rock drilling tools, Carbide mining tools have to work in harsh conditions. There are at least four types of wear in rock drilling. Therefore, cemented carbide mining tools have higher hardness strength, and hardness compared with normal mining tools. Cemented carbide can better adapt to changing drilling conditions, and the wear resistance of the alloy is further improved under the condition that the toughness does not decrease.

Carbide drill bits are a common component of mining tools, carbide drill bits can replace 4~10 steel teeth drill bits, and their drilling speed is twice as high. Moreover, the high wear resistance of tungsten carbide drill bits means you do not have to replace them often. For carbide drill bits, achieving the goal of long service time requires the teeth of drill bits to adapt various rock characteristics, fast perforation rate, high wear resistance, and impact resistance. Carbide tooth roller bit DTH drill bit has become the main tool for high-efficiency perforation. 

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