Types of Carbide Drills

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Types of Carbide Drills


Cemented carbide has a very important position in the field of industrial manufacturing and is known as "industrial teeth" due to its high hardness, high wear resistance, and other advantages. Cemented carbide is inseparable no matter if you are producing turning tools, drills, or boring tools. Even during the production process of high stainless steel, heat-resistance steel, and other materials. Cemented carbide is also needed. This article is going to talk about the types and choices of cemented carbide drills.

The main three types of carbide drills are carbide drills, carbide indexable insert drills, and replaceable-tip carbide drills. Out of three of them, the types of solid carbide are relatively complete. With the centering function, it can be reused, and the cost of processing can be controlled. The cemented carbide indexable insert drills have a variety of types and are easy to change, but they do not have the centering function. The replaceable head-type carbide drill also has a centering function, with a complete range, high machining accuracy, and efficiency, and the head can also be reground.

Although cemented carbide has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high hardness. However, the thermal expansion and contraction of the carbide drill bit during drilling can easily cause the drill bit to break in the hole. Here are some points we can pay attention to in case to prevent the wear out of carbide drills.

1. Reduce the width of the chisel edge to avoid the wear of the drill bit by the axial force when the strength of the drill bit is acceptable.

2. Choosing different drill bits and cutting speeds when working on different materials.

3. Try to avoid friction on the cutting surface when drilling on hardened surfaces. Drilling on this type of surface cause the drill bit to wear quickly.

4. Use the cutting fluid in time and keep the workpiece material lubricating when cutting.

5. Use special high-performance alloy inserts to reduce chipping and maintain good wear resistance

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