The Key Points for the Water Jet Cutting in Summer and Winter

2022-10-13 Share

The Key Points for the Water Jet Cutting in Summer and Winter


In summer that the attention we should pay is:

1. Oil pump overheating 

During the operation of the water jet, the temperature of the oil pump will rise sharply. The oil has high thermal conductivity, but it has been circulated and sealed, and the heat is not easy to dissipate.

Therefore, in summer, the water jet is better to be in a cool environment, and it is best to provide cooling equipment. After all, once the water jet fails, it will not only consume wearing parts but also waste time.

2. Fast consumption of wearing parts

Summer is here and waterjet consumables are being used faster than usual for a number of reasons. a. High-temperature colloid softens and is easier to wear. 3. The high water temperature also affects the working environment of the seals

In winter that attention we should pay is:

1. Indoor temperature

 The factory where water jets operate should keep warm, then the water cannot be frozen so that the water supply will not be insufficient because the frozen water cannot be supplied.

2. Thermal insulation of the equipment

Especially the position of the water jet booster pump, do a good job of thermal insulation, such as surrounding it with cotton material to reduce direct contact with the air, which can also protect the booster pump from being damaged by low temperature.

3. Warm up the machine

Start the machine to warm up before the waterjet cutting operation,

After the cutting operation, remove the cutting head and keep it in storage. Because the metal will be more brittle in the lower temperature environment, to prevent the water jet cutter head from cracking, it is best to store the cutter head in thermal insulation.

4. Turn off the water supply 

Before shutting down the machine let the booster in the equipment and the ordinary water in the high-pressure pipe empty to prevent damage to the equipment due to ice expansion.

The equipment has its own working methods and maintenance skills. Only by understanding the performance of the equipment and maintaining it on time can the equipment be more stable in work and create higher benefits.

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