Tungsten Carbide Power Made Easy

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Tungsten Carbide Power Made Easy


Tungsten carbide, also known as cemented carbide, hard alloy, is well-known in the world and popular material in modern industry. With good properties, tungsten carbide has the power to increase productivity and efficiency. ZZBETER provides several tungsten carbide products in different Grades that differ in strength, rigidity, hardness, and resistance. 

The following properties will be talked about:

1. Strength;

2. Rigidity;

3. Impact resistance;

4. Hot hardness;

5. Corrosion resistance;

6. Wear resistance.


Strength is the capacity of a tungsten carbide product to withdraw great force or pressure. Tungsten carbide has a very high strength to cut a stiff and rigid material. And tungsten carbide has higher compressive strength than other cast metals and alloys.


Rigidity refers to the quality of being stiff, fixed, or impossible to bend, which is measured by Young's modulus of a tungsten carbide product. Tungsten carbide is three times as rigid as steel and four times as cast iron and brass.

Impact Resistance

Tungsten carbide has the property of impact resistance to withdraw sudden, intense force or shock. With impact resistance, tungsten carbide buttons can be forged in the cutters of roadheader machines to dig a tunnel.

Hot hardness

Tungsten carbide is famous as the hardest material in the world except for the diamond. Tungsten carbide products can keep in good hardness not only in a normal environment but also in a high-temperature environment. With a temperature of 1400°F, some Grades of tungsten carbide can equal the hardness of steels at room temperature.

Corrosion resistance

Tungsten carbide has chemical stability and is difficult to react with oxygen or other metal particles. Tungsten carbide has corrosion resistance, just like noble metal. It is resistant to corrosion and can be used in corrosion environments and outdoor applications.

Wear resistance

Because of its hardness, tungsten carbide is hard to damage and can work for a long time. Tungsten carbide products like tungsten carbide buttons and tungsten carbide cutters are usually applied to dig hard and thick formations. So wear resistance is an important property.

From the properties above, it is clear to see that tungsten carbide has many advantages and can perform well during work on oilfields, construction, etc.


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